But don’t take our word for it. We paid some people to say nice things about us. No. Not really. They really do think we’re great.

You guys are simply awesome - great space, clean, friendly atmosphere, and kick-ass tough-love ever-changing workouts delivered by none other than the One-and-Only-Tough-Love-Pilates-
- Yoda David! -

Now I'm able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! I don't always do Mercury Pilates, but when I do, I prefer individual training sessions!
- More seriously -

Adding Mercury Pilates to my regular work out routine, with individual training sessions, has strengthen my back and reduced the amount of time it took to rehab from a ski injury---now it's a regular part of my life and I look forward to it!
- Roger W. -

"As an active mom, my instructors at Mercury give me the strength and stamina I need to keep up with my three boys. My body has never felt or looked better!"
- Liza Cannata -

David is a genius. I have tried pretty much every workout regimen in town and I have never experienced a more comprehensive, creative (and yes, tough!) workout than the classes I take with him. I love how David incorporates a little more cardio into his mat classes. I just hope a famous celebrity doesn't discover him and whisk him off to LA or NY. Thank you David!
- Annie S -

Going to see David Woods at Mercury Fitness for the last two years has been a godsend for helping me manage my hip pain. Thanks to David's brilliant and inspiring instruction and my hard work, my hip pain has largely subsided. Pilates with David is the most intense and results oriented physical work I've ever done and that is saying a lot given my 12 years of intensive yoga. It has been well worth it. I have seen great results from this total body conditioning which has helped to transform and heal my body."
- Ginger Coy -

"I have done Pilates before but Mercury just takes it to another level. I like to vary between mat and machine classes. Christie, Cheyenne, David and Jon are all amazing, very technical, and I am loving the results"
- Rebeca Brandys -

San Francisco is such a great city for lovers and devoted students of Pilates - there are so many studios to choose from; however Mercury is the best - hands down. I have been a client and student for 3 years because my experience is such an educational one. Pilates is about forging an intimate relationship with your body; it is deeper than an instructor telling you to do a pose or an exercise. Rather, it is about understanding what and why we are being asked to do something and a great instructor will lead you to do things you didn't think you could ever do and understand and feel that it all begins from your core. The Pilates experience at Mercury Fitness is a profound learning one. What you gain is a deeper respect for your body and what it can do. As an instructor it is important to have your own teacher, your own guru (if you will...). Mine is David. He is such an amazing teacher. Always challenging clients to do things you are 100% certain you just cannot do but he gets you there every time. His knowledge of anatomy is unparalleled. He is also unbelievable funny which when you think you are about to die or kill him because you are being pushed beyond your limits - a sense of humor is essential!The studio is beautiful, the instructors knowledgeable and the staff always friendly - simply the best!
- Ryan Miller -

I have been at Mercury for five years I have been taking private sessions, mat and machine classes twice a week with David Wood all that time. I have tried Pilates at other studios and clubs and only here do I find the mental/emotional/physical combination that is required for a true workout.
- Luciann Leraul -

Private Sessions- I have practiced Pilates since 2006 and no other studio and instructors compare to Mercury Fitness. It's a REAL workout with knowledgeable teachers, friendly staff and a welcoming environment. I trained with a master teacher for almost 4 years and I can say that Chayanne puts him to shame. I love Chayanne and would recommend her to anyone. A new mom herself, she understands the importance, detail and skills of working with women in the postpartum. I came to her after being diagnosed with a diastaysis and sub-clinical hernia (3 years postpartum). Since working out with her, not only have these issues been resolved, but I feel great and have lost 8+ lbs.
- Julie F -

I started taking Pilates classes at mercury fitness upon the recommendation of my physical therapist. I started with private appointments, moved on to reformer classes and now mostly take advantage of group mat classes. I love the mat classes because your own body weight creates the resistance.
The staff is very knowledgeable, classes are always a great workout and three and a half years later-- have not been back to physical therapy.
- Avril M -