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Pilates Teacher Training San Francisco

Mercury Fitness High Performance Pilates Certification Program


The Mercury Fitness High Performance Pilates Certification Program is the most comprehensive Pilates teacher training in San Francisco, and on west coast. Written by Master Trainer Lara Hudson, our Pilates teacher training program goes beyond basic Pilates exercises and reveals the complex concepts, movement principles and functional anatomy behind High Performance Pilates. Practical analysis, exercise labs, observation and personal practice complete your education and empower you with skills to be an exceptional instructor in any studio, in any city.

This proprietary teaching system is a complete guide to our signature style of Pilates and how it benefits biomechanical fluency and physical function. Our detailed manuals, lectures and labs guide you through the Pilates certification process and provide you with an expert understanding of High Performance Pilates, its unique benefits and qualities, and its unprecedented ability to positively transform the musculoskeletal system.

Reach the highest level of competency, skill and understanding of Pilates with the Mercury Fitness High Performance Pilates Certification Program.

Mercury Fitness and Your Career

As soon as you are certified in all three modules of training offered at Mercury Fitness, please ask us for an interview. We love how we teach and certification with us earns you huge brownie points. Our program is so comprehensive and rigorous, not only will you have the knowledge base to get a job anywhere, you’ll also have the confidence and oodles of skill.

Think about it - 3 solid modules of Pilates training, a six-month, focused time commitment, and 600 hours of training made up of observation, practice, one-on-one private teaching, student teaching and certification from Mercury Fitness High Performance Pilates Certification Program - there’s just no way you could go wrong.

Mercury Fitness and Your Career

Mercury Fitness Pilates is a leader in the Pilates community and without a doubt, a trail blazer for other studios in San Francisco and on the West Coast. We’ve given our comprehensive and dynamic repertoire and Pilates teacher training process an athletic and contemporary twist so it stands apart from classical Pilates training.

We offer teacher training in the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair, and Mat work placing importance on anatomy, movement biomechanics, exercise adaptations, functionality, and the art of teaching Pilates and leading Pilates Classes. Trainees can interact within a dynamic studio, to get a sense of the inner workings of a Pilates studio and have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

When we audition to hire Pilates instructors for our studio, we look for people who are creative, knowledgeable in the fundamentals of Pilates, can lay out a challenging workout, people who are leaders, and who have a strong work ethic. Once we’ve done that, we look for the X-factor. That 381/2th dimension to the instructor’s personality that gives our studio that extra edge to set it apart. These are exactly the attributes we incorporate into our Pilates Certification Program, so you can take that fire and passion out into the world and work at the Pilates studio of your choice. After all, you can learn the basics of Pilates anywhere, but to be able to teach students and have them want to come back is an art you’ll find only at Mercury Fitness.

We have the best teachers in the industry and the most comprehensive curriculum. And our trainers come from varied backgrounds from theater to the military.

Refine your practice and get the skills and confidence you need to teach Pilates. Will you get a job at the end of your certification process? You’d better believe they’ll be beating a path to your door! You’ll have the wherewithal to teach Pilates anywhere and to anyone.