Pilates Classes

Introductory Pilates Classes For You

Introductory Mat Class - $10 Only

Our group mat Pilates classes combine flow and precision to incorporate the fundamental Pilates exercises for a variety of levels. As with all movement in Pilates, these exercises help strengthen and stabilize your powerhouse muscles or core. This is a great place for beginners to start, and a fun, social way to continue your Pilates practice.

Introductory Machine Class - $25 Only

The machine class provides progressive resistance and assistance through a range of Pilates motions with a system of springs and pulleys. It's by far one our most popular machine & reformer Pilates classes. The Reformer can really provide a full body workout all by itself - it develops strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and speed. And if you're injured or have a limited range of motion, the support of the apparatus's resistance and versatility provides a safe yet challenging workout.

Introductory Private One-On-One Session - $65 Only

A personal training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect your Pilates workout. The instructor devotes their undivided attention to your specific needs and develops a custom program.

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