All machine classes have a maximum of 4 people

All mat classes have a maximum of 8 people



Our group mat Pilates classes combine flow and precision to incorporate the fundamental Pilates exercises for a variety of levels. As with all movement in Pilates, these exercises help strengthen and stabilize your powerhouse muscles or core. This is a great place for beginners to start, and a fun, social way to continue your Pilates practice.


The Reformers provide progressive resistance and assistance through a range of Pilates motions with a system of springs and pulleys. It’s by far one our most popular machine & reformer Pilates classes. The Reformer can really provide a full body workout all by itself - it develops strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and speed. And if you’re injured or have a limited range of motion, the support of the apparatus’s resistance and versatility provides a safe yet challenging workout.


The Tower apparatus adds spring resistance to help deepen and add variety to the sequence of exercises. The weight resistance increases metabolism and muscle definition. You can work on upper and lower body while keeping the core engaged and strong. The Tower is attached to a reinforced wall so you can do standing core work, squats and upper body work with the springs. Believe it or not there are TAs - Tower Addicts! This machine Pilates class is fun every time you take it.


By far one of the most challenging Pilates machines, the Chair is a box composed of a padded top and a pedal that controls the spring resistance. It helps you gain deep core strength and an all-over body tone – especially your upper body. It’s great for skiers, runners, tennis players, golfers and for clients looking to increase power in the upper body for throwing, lifting and racquet sports.


A challenging mix of Reformer, Tower or Chair form the hybrid group class. Work on a sleek and sexy physique on the Reformer... move to the Tower for an explosive, all-body experience... then head over to the Chair to cinch up the core and sculpt gorgeous upper body curves.


Gather your family or friends, and try one of our private mat, machine or hybrid group Pilates classes. Cost effective, fun and the crazy benefits of Pilates all mixed into one great workout experience. Perfect for wedding or bachelorette parties as you all gear up to the big day, or just to have a great time working out with people you love.


A personal training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect your Pilates workout. The instructor devotes their undivided attention to your specific needs and develops a custom program