About Us


Mercury Fitness High Performance Pilates is a lean, mean 2,100 square feet of challenging machine that offers both mat and equipment-based classes, along with private Pilates sessions. Okay, so maybe we embellished that a little. Our studio looks and feels like a spa. Not kidding.

The studio has a Zen-like atmosphere and, not to brag or anything, but it’s the largest Pilates studio space in San Francisco. It’s named after Mercury, the Greek God of agility, speed and movement, and it describes us exactly. Let’s face it, who wouldn't want to be associated with a Greek God? Our large urban oasis offers you a variety of affordable group Pilates classes with a smaller student to teacher ratio while having enough room for private Pilates sessions. This lets you practice Pilates without having to sell your grandmother’s pearls to take lessons with us.

Perfect for any age, skill level and lifestyle, we offer an athletic and energetic style of Pilates that’s unprecedented in the Bay Area. Mercury Fitness offers Pilates classes ranging from machine Pilates

classes to mat Pilates classes, and provides both group & private Pilates classes & sessions. You’ll never be bored. You’ll breathe and move better, and have more energy. Your spine will look fantastic. And you’ll want to do it all over again tomorrow.

We are located right off Union Street at 2904 Laguna Street in the trendy Marina/Cow Hollow district of San Francisco.

Two-hour meter and neighborhood street parking is available. Pay parking is available at California Parking Garage at 1910 Union Street. Hey, it’s San Francisco. At least you don’t have to park at an angle, uphill, in a 3x5 parking space.